Most machines such as dryers, dishwashers, pumps, compressors, motors and many other applications worldwide use motor capacitors as film capacitors with PP foil.

Aluminium electrolytic capacitor PG-LL9

Long Life Grade for High Voltage.

IGBT-snubber, Motor & light capacitors

IGBT Snubbers, motor capacitors and capacitors for light equipment.

AC-, medium & high frequenscy capacitors

Capacitors for AC, medium and high frequency applications.

Aluminium electrolytic capacitors

Aluminium electrolytic capacitors for 50 to 500 VDC

DC-link capacitors

Capacitors for DC-links, power electronics and other types of DC-power applications.

Surge protection capacitors

Surge capacitors are used to protect high voltage engines and transformers from surges and transients overvoltage.