Business activity

We are a competence company with focus on customers that is looking for more than just a component supplier. Focus lays on cooperation with partners where we are involved in the project in an early stage. After analyzing the demand and facts for the application we offer a solution that is adapted to the end usage and that is production friendly. This method results in a product that is cost efficient in all steps from production to end of life.

So when the demand is there for a protective, secure and/or shielded enclosure with suitable connections and cables with or without filters and/or shielding – then we are there with what we call: “Component competence” – solutions adapted to your application through competence and high service.


The company was founded in 1969 – as a subsidiary to ERNI in Switzerland – with the name ERNI Skandinaviska AB. Ten years later the subsidiaries in the Nordic area where sold. In Sweden it was bought by Mr Gösta Dahlgren how also changed the name to ORNATUS AB. After the buyout the company worked with ERNI products as; Relays, Switches, Connectors, Control systems and Airport lighting. During the years this has changed and has been developed to where we are today.

Today the company is run by the colleagues Anders Kalderén and Erik Dahlgren. Since 2008 we operate the business with office, warehouse and some process out of suitable premises in Upplands Väsby, between Stockholm city and airport Arlanda.

Erik Dahlgren MD

Here we present some of our main partners and the link to their homepage.

Alcon Electronics
develops and manufacture a wide range of capacitors with a specials for high frequency applications.

groupe focus on powersupplies and filters. In the groupe you find brands as Jerome Industries, Radius Power, LCR, Filter Concepts Inc.

electromechanical components, connectors, enclosures and customised enclosures.

Cosmo ferrites
Cosmo produces and customises a wide range of EMC/EMI ferrites and industrial ferrites.

has a wide range of program of terminals, connectors and line terminals.

Don Connex
has a wide range of connectors for board to cable or board to board applications.

offers a very wide range of film capacitors. One speciality is ”dry” MV capacitors.

develops and produces a wide range of connectors for electronics and also applications for the car industri.

has a very wide range of switches and buttons.

a very wide range of sockets and headers but also Nano, Micro, Mini SIM card holder and coax connectors.

a wide range of switches, buttons and potentiometers.

a substantiell range of enclosures in plastic or metall.

a partner with motor, light, filter and also defibrillator capacitors.

heavy duty EMI/RFI shielded cable hoods.

their program consists of manual Pilot devices, metal and plastic housing and safety control products.

SOLIANI emc s.r.l.
started their business in 1984 with focus on development and producing products for EMI shielding. One speciality is shielding tents.

Takachi offers a very wide range of enclosures for almost every demand with a modern design.

TEKO Enclosures – for the Swedish market
They have a wide range of interesting standard enclosures with a wide range of capabilities for rework and adaptation to your application. Offer a 48-houre service for reworked samples.

Sejin Eleccom
SEJIN Eleccom, establishment in 1979, have been manufacturing transformers, inductors, and other electronic components related electronics, telecommunication, automotive industries. Based on quality management and innovation, we have emphasized the importance of maximizing consumer satisfaction and ensuring quality. By obtaining ISO 9001:2000/TL 9000, ISO14001, IATF16949 and UL certificates.